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Fully screwable hydraulic cylinders with distance measuring system

The intelligent force

The hydraulic cylinders can be fitted with distance measuring systems from various manufacturers. Because the systems are integrated in the hydraulic cylinders they are protected by these hydraulic cylinders and because of that you can count on a long, reliable and maintenance-free life.

You find these systems in a wide range of uses both in stationary and mobile applications in agricultural engineering, materials-handling technology and mechanical engineering.

Because of the integrated distance sensors the hydraulic cylinders can be used as normal hydraulic cylinders and no special protective measures are required.

The distance sensors need hardly any extra installation space, as you can see in the downloadable drawings, and can therefore often be integrated in existing cylinder constructions.


  • We can produce the cylinders in all sizes, and fit the distance measuring systems of several manufacturers
  • Applicable in locations with tight installation space.
  • No welded or glued joints
  • Service-friendly
  • Precise installation dimensions because of the screw-in module
  • Open modular construction enables the highest state of cleanliness
  • Self-centering and self-arresting threaded joints