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Hydraulic Cylinders With Position Detection

BÜTER®-Hydraulic cylinders with sensor technology (Reed switches) are cost efficient and space saving and replace sumptuous mechanical solutions.


  • Can be used in all sizes of hydraulic cylinders
  • High switching security because of the at least 2-times higher magnetic fields of force as required, which can be verified by measurements with a flux meter
  • High switching and repeating accuracy
  • Several switching positions are possible
  • Switching errors by materials that try to affect the cylinder from the outside do not occur as they do in proximity switches
  • Non-contact grip of the piston position, this means that there is no contact between the pressure switch and the pressure oil
  • Environment-friendly installation of the sensors, which can even be used under high pressurisation of cylinders
  • Contact travel of 3 - 50 mm and more can be realised without expanding the installation space
  • No power supply required

Product Details

Hydrauliccylinder With Position Detection (Reed switches)

Electronic Specifications

Type of contact: Contact load (W):
Voltage (VDC max.): 10
Spannung (VDC max.): 200
Current (mA max.): 500
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Very user-friendly: integrated sensors in the cylinder

  • Applicable in hydraulic cylinders with a piston diameter starting from 25mm
  • You do not need extra installation space, because the magnet is integrated on the inside
  • High switching security because of the tuning of the magnet and the Reed switch Switching errors do not occur by materials that try to affect the cylinder from the outside
  • External influences do not harm the Reed switch, because it is well protected inside the cylinder
  • Potential-free
  • They are available up to protection class IP69K
  • They can be individually adapted to different situations
  • Cost-efficient, because no brackets are required and the hydraulic cylinders are delivered with the Reed switches already in place
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