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BÜTER Group has set the pace in the European hydraulics sector for almost 60 years. The inventiveness of our founder Josef Büter has opened up completely new applications for cylinder and lifting technology – and continues to place its stamp on the team of more than 500 people at the three manufacturing sites, in Emsland and the Netherlands, right up to today. Pioneering steps, such as the threaded version of the hydraulic cylinder and now the laser welded Smart Cylinder, open up completely new options to the customer, whether in automation, electrification or lightweight designs Behind this lies years of development, design and manufacturing intelligence. This is also reflected in hundreds of patents and utility models, as well as extensively certified, durable quality.

Founded by Josef Büter in 1965.
More than 250 patent and utility models since the company was first set up
Certification in accordance with ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 and ISO 3834-2

The figures showing our success

production sites
cylinders produced per year
< 0,5%
ISO 90001:2015 und ISO 14001:2015

Our Motivation

BÜTER Group represents intelligent power that works in the background. So reliable and long-lasting, so precise and safe, that they are preferably not noticed at all. As first-choice supplier to leading manufacturers, we are constantly developing our cylinder and lifting technology for the markets of tomorrow. This is the aim that motivates us. 

Pioneer and Pace-Setter

Founded by Josef Büter in 1965, BÜTER Group developed into a cylinder specialist right from the start. The special cylinders invented by the founder for extracting oil from the North Sea – under extreme conditions – resulted in major international recognition as long ago as the 1980s. The rest then followed quickly: Almost 300 patents and utility models point out the path from pioneer to engineering technology leader. A successful second mainstay was created with cylinder-based lifting technology, which has received a number of awards with its special designs.

Our Responsibility

BÜTER Group comprehends the need to safeguard the climate in a holistic way. By using new technologies, such as laser welding, we are cutting raw materials use and saving energy – both in manufacture and in use by customers. By means of our own solar modules, cogeneration plant and air-source heat pumps, we are also cutting fossil fuel consumption. In addition, effluent and waste management are done responsibly. We will continue to pursue our ambitious aims in the future with our certified environmental and quality management. This applies, of course, to the continued strict safety rules at work. 

Our Standards

Values-based. Honest. Legally and ethically irreproachable: Our group-wide code of conduct lays down binding and obligatory guidelines in this regard. The basic principles cover behaviour in the commercial and legal environment with respect to fellow employees, as will as in relation to the environment and society. This too qualifies us as a supplier whose high standards can be relied upon.

Competence for Customers

Inventiveness, customer-orientation and passion for quality are the characteristics that mark the BÜTER Group team across all three production sites – and across all the professions: From CNC programmer to production assistant, from laser welder to robotics engineer, from engineering to technical sales expert.

The BÜTER Group leadership team brings with it decades of management experience in cylinder and lifting engineering technology. Their deep understanding of markets, customers and technology forms the guarantee for further consolidation of trusting customer relations.

Your contact with BÜTER Group

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